Second Change Go Grass Island, Tap Mun

Hii guys,

This is my second change I go to Grass Island at Tap Mun, this place is very wonderful. Some others people spend their time for holidays on the weekend, also many people’s go there for camping, the views very beautiful and the scenery in the evening very wonderful. 

On lastweek Me and my friends went there to Tap Mun, we spend about to 1 hour 15 minutes to get there from Diamond Hill bus station, we took the bus around one hour and get off from the bus at Wong Shek Pier, and we  still need to take Ferry 15 minutes more to Grass Island, Tap Mun.

Here we go at Tap Mun, we still need to walk further to get to Grass Island, there are some village and peoples live there also a few restaurants there. 

Before we continue our journey, we need to fill our stomach first, hehehehe. We quite hungry already and thirsty with the hot weather. Today very hot day, but very bright nice to take some photos and selfie too. 😜😜😜📷📷📷. 

We cooked and brought our foods from home, so we no no need to buy the foods from outside. We take time and enjoying our yummy foods. My friend brought some Kimchi (korean foods), also some others delicious foods. 

After we done we continue our walking, and after a while we reached the places where most peoples spend their time for holidays and camping also. 

We took some pictures and selfie too. Hihihihi. We’re very happy and enjoyed our holidays on the weekend. Maybe next time you guys must go there. Sometimes we need spend our free time for relax and refreshing our mind. Coz everyday is full of work and study hahaha, just way need some cozy place and fresh air from outside. 😍😍😍😍
” Don’t leave some of the most important of our lives, like our Happiness”. Everyday is work but don’t forget to be happy guy’s 😘😘😘
Take note, 

By Alif


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